Affordable Wedding Favors Does Not Mean Bad Quality

Wedding Hand Sanitizer Favirs

For young couples on an overall wedding budget on the lookout for solutions of saving may need ideas for wedding favors to put on the tables at the reception. Young couples would be smart to remember not to confuse inexpensive with cheap as the benefit of a number items need not be directly related to its cost. There are a large number of unique wedding favors that can be found that appear to be considerably better than the price would signify, but low value wedding favors will usually indicate the sum of money expended.

Wedding Candy FavorsSeveral cheap wedding favors may be designed from modest items, and will give the look of costing a whole lot more. One example is, a small cup with a bright ribbon tied around it, filled with candy ?s going to be more readily accepted than a bag of peanuts in a small nondescript container.


Wedding Kisses Sticker Favors

A small-scale but robust photo frame used as placeholders, or unique name plates are sure to make attractive unique wedding favors. Generally guests could take these keepsakes away and switch the card with a favorite picture of their choice as a memento of your special occasion. More often than not such frames can be sourced for a dollar each, or even less depending on the quantity that are required. Inexpensive or not, these favors will not look cheap and nasty. The name cards can be obtained at many stationery supplies outlets, or printed on the home computer if expense is a specific worry.

Wedding Wine Bottle Favors

Decorative candle holders could even serve as ideas for wedding favors particularly if you choose a color scheme that blends with the table settings. Candles can be something that all your guests will most likely take away and use, if they so desire. The candles can also be replaced when they burn down.

Wedding Stickers

Sugared almonds in a small container are traditional at weddings. You might also like small flower vases with a single rose that could even be part of your table feature so your guests can enjoy them during the reception as well as when they take them home later. You can find so many ideas for wedding favors by looking online at some of the bridal sites.

So you can see that there are dozens of ideas for wedding favors you could pick from as memorable keepsakes for your guests. Just a few of these include candles, mint tins, picture frames, and bags of coffee, tea, mixed drinks and name placeholders and other cheap wedding favors. And yet more ideas for wedding favors also include bath beads, key chains, disposable camers, wine stoppers – the choices really are endless.

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