All About Wedding Toasts

All About Wedding Toasts

Wedding Toasts are a very interesting concept. The wedding day is quite likely the most important day in the life of the couple. If there is a formal ceremony, there are several other people involved – parents, bridesmaids, the best man, relatives, and guests. The wedding day is the occasion for them to make a toast to each other. 

To the Bride and Groom

* Look down you gods, and on this couple drop a blessed crown.

* Remember that if you ever put your marital problems on the back burner they are sure to boil over.

* Happy marriages begin when we marry the one we love, and they blossom when we love the one we married.

* My greatest wish for the two of you is that through the years your love for each other will so deepen and grow, that years from now you will look back on this day, your wedding day, as the day you loved each other the least.

* It don’t matter where you get your appetite, as long as you eat at home!

* May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future.

* Marriage: A community consisting of a master, a mistress, and two slaves – making in all, two.

* May the roof above you never fall in and may you both never fall out.

* To the lamp of love – may it burn brightest in the darkest hours and never flicker in the winds of trial.

* May ‘for better or worse’ be far better than worse.

* The man or woman you really love will never grow old to you. Through the wrinkles of time, through the bowed frame of years, You will always see the dear face and feel The warm heart union of your eternal love.

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