Birthday Party Ideas For The Big Blow Out

Birthday Party Ideas could be a challenge to come up with. If you’re drained of pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs, we could help. We could assist you to make your kid’s birthday party different than the rest, maybe even a little zany. But they’ll like it and you’ll be a hit.

Birthday Party Ideas that bring out all the fun

Fear Factor – for boys. Get poster board or cardboard, make into a nose and cut out the nostrils. Dangle it from a tree and provide the boys some slime. This is the “throw the snot in the nose” game and each boy in the neighborhood would want a turn or two. Create gross food such as mealworms (bacon strips with cheddar on them), and other gross food, put dog food in the pinata, give them puke buckets to gather their party favors in.

Bizarre Party – for both boys and girls. Have a varied party of different physical games such as pie or watermelon eating contest, bean bag toss, pie (whipped cream in pie tins) throwing contests, volleyball, and toss the can. Be sure to have plenty of cold water bottles for them to drink and lots of sunscreen.

Birthday Party Ideas for Cool Invitations

If you’re also bored of the same ‘ol invitations in the mail with the colored envelopes and balloons on the invite, we can help there also. We advised creating a customized, festive web page that screams what you’re party is about.

Put a picture of the birthday kid, a logo or theme banner of what the party is about, and cater the page decorations to equate the party. Get a music playing and even add in a video that relates to the party. For instance, if you’re doing a Fear Factor party, place the Fear Factor logo on your web page and add some video footage of the TV show Fear Factor and totally gross everyone out. Put a counter that counts down the days, hours, and minutes until the big blow out.

Send your incredible invitations out electronically through an email that has a link to your party page. When your invitees click that link and come to your page they’ll be blown away. Especially when they see their names on a guest list waiting for a acknowledgment. You could even add a picture of them along with their name, if you’d like.

Then once your kid’s spectacular — that would be the talk of the school for weeks — is over, utilize your page to post pictures and videos from the party and keep your group of invitees communicating. You could add blurbs on little tidbits of what transpired at the party, such as who tossed their cookies, and who were the contest winners. The possibilities of how much fun you could get with your web page in limitless. Plus you can maintain the page as long as you want and change it up as often as you like.
Simply begin posting and inviting. With over 60 multi media online tools that are too easy to use it’s almost funny, you just can’t get wrong. And it’s free! You really can’t go wrong.

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