Awesome Graduation Party Ideas That Fit Your Budget

Are you planning a graduation party this year?  Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Make it fun and affordable with the budget-friendly ideas given below.   

Get Graduation Invitations from Announce It! 

You really can’t skip the invitations even when you are trying to save money,  After all, you want the guests to show up! 

Graduation Invitations

These customizable graduation invitations from Announce It! will fit nicely in your budget.  Personalize them for your upcoming event and then send them out to family and friends to get them excited about the party!

How To Get a Cheap Venue 

You can avoid this major expense if you choose your venue carefully.  Here are some frugal ideas. 

  • Host the graduation party in your own home - If you have enough space and chairs there is no reason why you can’t just celebrate the special occasion at your house.
  • Use a friend or family member’s home - If your own house won’t work, then maybe you know of someone who has the perfect place and would be willing to host the graduation party.
  • Rent a pavilion at a park - This is definitely more affordable than most other venue locations but it doesn’t come without its downfalls. You want to make sure the weather will be nice on the day of the party.  Something else to think about is how to keep the party food hot or cold.
  • Ask your church - If you attend a church, this might be a good low-cost or no cost location for the party.

How To Save Money On Food and Beverages 

Another major party expense is food and drinks.  The following ideas will help you cut costs. 

  • Have a pot luck - Ask every guest to bring a dish.
  • Serve homemade desserts - Instead of buying a fancy graduation cake from a bakery, try making it yourself.
  • Offer affordable drinks - Instead of soda and punch, provide cheaper (but still refreshing) lemonade, tea, and water.
  • Schedule the party between meals - Your guests will expect to be fed a full meal if the party runs through dinner or lunch time. Hold the party between major meal times and serve snacks and appetizers.     

Consider Sharing the Cost 

Anyone else graduating this year?  A great way to save money on party planning is to join forces with friends.  Agree to plan the party together and split all costs.  As long as you can work together, you can make this work! 

Add Some Personal Touches With Announce It! 

You can find cute, affordable products for any celebration from Announce It!  Here are some that would be perfect for a graduation party: 

  • Graduation Hershey's Kisses Stickers - These are a cute and affordable way to celebrate your graduate’s big day. Add a name and picture to personalize this little treat.
  • Graduation Candy Bar Wrappers - Also customizable, these wrappers make a unique party favor that your guests will love.
  • DIY Welcome Sign - This easy to create, eye-catching sign will warmly welcome your guests and get them in the party spirit. 

So you see, you can have a great party and save money at the same time!  For more great party ideas that fit your budget, check out Announce It! 

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