Baby Baptism Etiquette

Baby Baptism Etiquette

There are many things to take into account when you are considering getting your baby baptized. This religious ceremony is one that holds great importance, and you need to make sure that you are properly planning for, and facilitating the event to the best of your ability. You need to start in the planning phase, understand the etiquette that will be required of you during the ceremony, and also have a plan for afterwards. Try to take the following into account as you are planning the baptism of your baby, and an effort to ensure that you make the best possible decisions for this important event.

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The most important part of learning baby christening etiquette is the pre-planning. Contact any of the close friends or relatives that you think would like to be there, especially those that live quite far away. Try your best to make sure that the baptism will happen on a schedule that makes it possible for as many people to come as possible. Also, choose excellent christening day invitations that you can give to those that are attending the event, and choose the best possible an invitation that you can find.

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You also need to take the ceremony into account. There is certain etiquette that you need to take into account during the baptism ceremony as well. Make sure to arrive as early as possible for the christenings, which most of the time is going to be taking place in the church and performed by an ordained minister. This will give yourself enough time to ensure that the baby is well-dressed, in the town that they will be wearing during the ceremony. Most of the gals are going to be white, or an off-white in color, and generally include some type of lace or frilly design. The prayer that is stated during the ceremony can depend upon a number of factors, although several prayers are much more common than others. After the prayer, the water will be poured are sprinkled over the top of the baby, with some churches choosing to immerse the baby and water.

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At nearly all baptism ceremonies, following the baptism, parents, godparents, will take pictures with the baby and the priest at the church after the ceremony. You can also invite other friends and family into the photos as well, as this is completely up to the parents, who do not have to choose to follow customary traditions. You should also make a donation to the priest or minister, which be given to the church. Invite everyone who attended the ceremony to donate to the church during the christening party after the christening is over. You can serve taking coffee in the church hall, and allow people to socialize with one another, as you wrap up a very important event in the life of your child.

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A baptism requires some advanced planning, but generally the etiquette for a christening ceremony is straightforward and easy to understand. Know the steps that are involved in the ceremony, and make sure to arrive early on the day of the ceremony.  Party favors are another aspect of baptism planning and etiquette. A party favor is given to thank your guests for sharing in your celebration. has a large selection of baby baptism candy bar wrappers to choose from.

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