Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah: Too Much?

In this world of excess is it possible to do too much for our children? The Jewish religion celebrates the coming of age of children at the age of thirteen. Not only does this involve a lot of party planning, but the child must spend a lot of time studying and attending religious classes in order to stand in front of their friends and family and recite from the Torah.

These children must work for this extra special coming of age party, but does that entitle them to an overblown party that can cost as much as a typical wedding? Why do parents feel the need to outdo every other parent when it comes to their children’s birthday parties? I understand that a Bar Mitzvah is an extra special occasion and should not be compared to the average birthday party, but it is still a party for a thirteen year old.
After the religious service, it is customary for the parents to throw a party that generally entails a meal and entertainment. This may include renting out a hall, hiring a caterer, ordering a bartender, and hiring entertainment such as a band of DJ. But when does it go too far? Is it extravagant presents? Is it in the decorations or entertainment? Perhaps the guest list is very large. There is so much that goes into party planning that a parent can lose track of expenses.

While the Bar Mitzvah should be an event to remember, it is important to keep everything in perspective. Have you been to a Bar Mitzvah lately? How does it compare to a Bar Mitzvah from ten years ago? Do you think parents are going too far or do these children deserve an over the top party for their coming of age? Give us your opinion and your thoughts on planning a perfect Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah!

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