Barbecue Party Invitations

Barbecue PartyBarbecue party invitations mean somebody’s grilling up some great barbecue. Tell us when and where and we’ll be there. Just kidding. But we can help you give your barbecue lovin’ guests the skinny on the when, the where, and much more.

You’ve got the party planned, got the food, the sauce, the tongs, and the pit. Now what? How about the barbecue party invitations? You wouldn’t want all of that food to go to waste, would you? Then invite some people over, man!

Backyard Barbecue Table Set with FoodMake your invitations yourself for free through Events Listed. With over 60 multi media tools that are so easy to use anyone can do it, you can make the perfect barbecue party invitations. Add your flair and your personal touch and spice them up exactly to your liking.

You actually create one web page that acts as your invitation and communication portal. You create this page in a Web 2.0 environment that includes the web tools. Completely personalize your page to your barbecue party theme. Include pictures, videos, audios, surveys, and more all personalized to your theme. Add some music and some videos of some world-class grill masters.

Be sure to post the date and time of the party and any special instructions for your guests, such as “BYOB.” You can also post a poll for your guest to vote on which foods will get barbecued. Why not use the task manager to assign side dishes, deserts, and drinks to your guests? And the ice. Someone needs to bring ice.

Barbecue Party Invitation

Party Invitations that are Finger-Lickin’ Good

You will electronically invite your guests to your page by sending emails with direct links to your page. Once they open the page, they’ll see the guest list as well as the RSVP status in real time. They’ll also be able to respond to your invitation and see how others have responded. They’ll be able to see who will be wearing aprons, who can’t stand the heat of the kitchen, and who hasn’t responded yet.

Your guests can also start networking together online as soon as they wish and you can even promote more networking by cross referencing other barbecue party online groups. Hey, you may end up with some great recipes that are finger-lickin’ good.

For those who can’t attend, they can enjoy photos, micro blogs, video feeds, and more being implemented during the party. Anyone can be at the virtual party, even if they are on the other side of the world. They just can’t taste the food is all. Too bad you can’t send the smell through the web either or you could make them froth at the mouth for some of your barbecue. Dang!


Automated Party Invitation Reminders

You can also send out preset, automated email reminders about the party date and time as Father Time slims down the days and hours to your party. You can also post a budget right on your web page and manage it from there. Awesome.

Go ahead and use these Web 2.0 technologies to your advantage and create the most unique barbecue party web page you can. It’s free and it’s easy and you’ll get the perfect, interactive invitation. Now will the food come out perfect? That’s entirely up to you, friend. Entirely up to you. Try eventbrite here

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