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Beach Wedding Sites

There is something quite romantic about the idea of walking down the beach at sunset, holding hands, and exchanging wedding vows before the grand majestic view of the sun setting in the background.

The romantic appeal of the eternal ocean has lured sailors and land lover’s, alike, for countless centuries. Planning a beach wedding does not have to be for those on a limitless budget or living right on a sand dune overlooking the ocean.

Planning a beach wedding does have its fair share of difficulties. The first involves the ability of family and friends to travel to the wedding. For those couples on a tight budget this can prove to be a bit of a challenge in itself without worrying about the standard wedding accompaniments.

Cheap wedding packages exist at many resorts dotted up and down the coast. There is a problem though with using some wedding packages, regardless of where they are located. Many packages have a very limited number of guests allowed. When the guest list goes over the number allotted, it can lead to cramped quarters and additional fees per guest.


Beach Wedding

The upside to beach wedding idea is that the destination wedding and honeymoon is wrapped into one fabulous locale. The same beach that hosted the nuptials also serves as the honeymoon spot. The downside is family. If family has flown or driven hundreds or thousands of miles, then they will be staying in the same location and privacy may become an issue.

When planning a beach wedding, whether it is a nearby location or one far away, it is important to pay attention to the month the ceremony will be held. Planning a beach wedding is very tricky during certain months of the year. There are tropical storms, hurricanes, squalls as well as high winds to consider. A wedding held during the hurricane season can be easily derailed should a storm front move through. Keep these things in mind when setting the date and finding the location.

Beach Wedding Couple

A beach wedding does not have to be a “sand in the toes” affair. There are many beach wedding sites that actually are on a wooden pier or the deck of a resort. The waves and sand are present but not intrusive and irritating.

There are any number of ocean front resorts that offer wedding planning packages that include the wedding site, a reception room and also offer to cater the event. For a couple with a low guest list and wedding favor ideas, this is an ideal situation.

The best advice regarding planning a beach wedding comes from couples who have been married on the beach themselves. They can offer valuable tips and hints to help the day go as smoothly as possible.

From the ceremony to the reception, it can be everything you ever dreamed of and more. It takes a lot of time and effort but it is not an impossible task.

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