Experienced Tips About Beach Wedding Ideas

Beach Wedding Ideas

Today the beach wedding theme is one of the most popular. And the reason for this is that this way of wedding is very romantic. Just imagine it is so wonderful to be married with the sound of the waves in the background and a backdrop of the grandeur of nature providing the decor is about as perfect a setting as one could hope for. You will remember your beach wedding for the rest of your life – warm sun, the feel of the sand under your feet, and the breeze gently flapping your hair… There is also another reason why couples often choose a beach wedding and it is such kind of wedding creates the opportunity to be less formal.

Planning for a beach wedding is directly affected by the location of the beach as some beaches, though beautiful can be treacherous due to weather any time of the year and others, like the gorgeous Oregon coast have a small summer window when it is relatively safe to mount a wedding. If you move further south to California or Florida the chances to find reliable weather increases dramatically. Go to Hawaii and the odds are vastly in the couple’s favor and that is why destination weddings in Hawaii are so popular.

It is rather simple to plan a beach wedding. But you should know that the informal nature of the beach itself will naturally inform many decisions to be made. It means, for example, no high heels, so you should better choose a flat or even a crystal or pearl barefoot sandal under your knee or ankle length wedding dress.

Thanks to the beauty of the coast line, a couple can limit there use of flowers and other decorative options when they have a beach wedding. Depending on how formal or informal the couple wishes their event to be, white chairs, a tent, and an archway might be desirable to help define the parameters of the ceremony and reception.

How any food will interact with the warmth of the sun, the blowing sand, and any animal life? This may be considered to be the most important question when planning a beach wedding. First of all it includes the wedding cake as wedding cakes are iced in frosting they do not do well in the heat and insects are attracted to them The solution is to choose to rent a banquet room in a local restaurant fronting the beach for the reception or to have any food brought down to the reception just in time for it to be served. All of this is possible to achieve with a help of careful planning with the caterer, or by simply keeping everything in coolers stored in the shade until they are needed.

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