Best Destination Weddings: Essential Wedding Planning Guidance

Maldives Destination Wedding

Many couples are choosing to forego the traditional church wedding and go for the thrill of exotic location.

There are lots of opportunities for couples the plan some of the best destination weddings and provided the correct marriage laws are adhered to, there are no destinations deemed off limits. If organizing a wedding at the best destination weddings a foreign country has to offer, special arrangements will have to be made ahead of time.

Caribbean Destination WeddingThere are few places in the world that will permit people to marry while on a visit, without specific arrangements. There are also a few countries that require[ a bride and groom to be planning the best destination weddings to bring their own witnesses along on the trip. Tying the knot in a foreign land will also need unquestionable identification, generally a passport and at least one other form of photographic identification. Wedding planners can assist with arrangements as well as help find the best destination weddings in the country the couple has in mind.

Tropical Destination Wedding

Church weddings may be available as a matter of ceremony, but in some circumstances the couple will have to be married legally in a civil ceremony before being wed in a foreign church. It is an individual preference as to what constitutes the best destination weddings but usually it is followed by the honeymoon.

Historical Destination Weddings

Choosing The Right Destination Is A Matter Of Personal Taste
Many couples prefer locations such as Mexico or a Caribbean island on which to get wed and planners in those countries can assist plan the best destination wedding the couple can hope to experience. There are also planners in the United States that work with their counterparts in other countries to assist couples realize their fantasy wedding.

National Park Wedding

Many resorts also provide assistance in organizing the best destination wedding the location has to offer and often times a wedding ceremony can be included in a vacation package arranged by the hotel or resort in which the honeymoon will be taken. Again, it is rarely available as a spur of the moment decision and may need up to six months notice that an event is being planned.

While it may be unusual, there are times when even the best destination weddings are attended by family and friends who accompany the couple to the location for the wedding ceremony as well as a short stay after. A few countries may require the couple and their witnesses to be in the country before the ceremony.

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