Where To Find the Best Places For A Marriage Ceremony In Seattle

Seattle Weddings 

A magical wedding is desired by all. An ecstatic site, surrounded by an entirely romantic aura is where a fantasy wedding would be. To have a perfect wedding, Seattle will be a wise choice. Although being a major city in the Pacific Northwest region of the US, this city is strikingly beautiful lying in the middle of Lake Washington and the Puget Sound. To be wedded at such a lovely place, you ought to capture the beautiful view. There are many Seattle wedding photographers that serve this requirement. Seattle wedding photographers will do an absolute justice to your special day.


Alante Dinner

There are a lot of locations in Seattle where you can enjoy an unforgettable wedding. One of the best places is Woodside, situated on the shore line of Lake Washington. The location has many hotel accommodations for the guests who are traveling from far away. The place is dwelled in a spectacular picture of the lake and you can even organize a ceremony outdoors. The delicious cuisine also is another magic to the wedding. It is a perfect location to produce in superb wedding photography.

Grand Hall

However, since it rains much in Seattle, indoor weddings are preferable. For this reason, there are various banquet halls and hotels that can accomplish this requirement. The Stimson-Green Mansion is a classic place dating back to 1901. Despite being ancient, this is a location where you can enjoy superb food and dining. The cooking is served in antique silver utensils that can take you to a splendid era. The place can sit up to 200 guests. For those planning a theme wedding related to history and royalty, this attractive architecture location would be a perfect site.

If your invitation list is not long enough, you do not need to worry anymore. The small hotels in downtown Seattle can help you. The smaller hotels can accommodate up to 70 people with utmost quality and comfort. There are several other event spaces also that can seat a small group of individuals. However, the site is casual, affordable and capable to serve an unforgettable celebration.


If you are an imaginative person and want to decide on your own about the total arrangement of the place then you should be searching for Pravda Studios. This is 5,000 square feet studio with attractive daylight and 14 ceilings. Sited near the Capitol Hill, this location gives you an elegant location for a wedding with natural hardwood floors, enormous windows and free parking. You can plan the whole atmosphere on your own with some assistance from your friends, family or wedding planners. This location will be just the right choice for a theme wedding as the choice of array is entirely yours.

FauntLeroy Church

As for customary cathedrals, Fauntleroy Church would also be an inspiring location. The church holds a custom ceremony and is able to accommodate nearly 225 individuals. The management allows little decoration to be done and offers cookery services. The chapel also provides reception amenities and is suitable for people who are not quite high on budget.

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