Birthday Party Invitations

Birthday party invitations mean someone is turning another year older. Man, time flies when you’re having fun! There are so many fun themes to do for birthday parties, no matter what age or gender of the birthday person.

Regardless of age, gender, or even the birthday party theme being used, we’ve got your birthday party invitations. It doesn’t matter if it will be little girls’ tea time or ladies’ tea time, boys’ football or men’s football, we’ve got perfect invitations and they’re free.

How else to better ensure your birthday party invitations are personalized and perfectly match your theme than to create them yourself? We have a super easy-to- use system that allows you to do just that.

Start by creating a web page for the birthday party and then electronically invite and bring your guest to your page. Simple enough.

* Create a personalized web page announcing your birthday party by catering it to your theme by using over 60 multi media tools that are set in a super user-friendly Web 2.0 environment

* Add personal pictures, videos, blurbs, a map with directions to the party, special requests and more. Have music playing on your page and post a birthday gift wish list. Maybe even add a count down to the big day.

* Electronically send invitations to your guest through electronic emails that contain web links that once clicked will bring them straight to your web page. No way they’ll get lost here. Now as far as traveling to the party, well…

* Your guests will get to network right on your web page. Promote more networking by cross referencing other online birthday party groups. You will probably even pick up some great birthday party ideas and tips. If this party is for a child and if all the kids are old enough, let them network too. They’ll have a blast and this can be done before, during, and even after the party.

Birthday Invitations

Your guests will be able to see the guest list that is updated in real time displaying everyone’s RSVPs. Everyone will be able to see who has responded with a confirmation, who has declined the invitation, and who just hasn’t responded yet. All in real time, all the time. You can also add pictures beside their names if you’d like.

Post the duties for your helpers through use of the task manager. No one ever said you had to do everything by yourself. Send automated email reminders of your birthday party so no one will forget. How about posting and managing your budget right on your web page? That’s pretty cool too.

Birthday Party Invitations-For Guests Who Can’t Make It

For any guests that can’t make it? They actually can. All they have to do is log on to your web page during the birthday party while you or someone uploads live video feeds or pictures of the party. You can even post micro blogs about the party as it goes on. That way they can see and hear the party, even from another country, or as they lay in bed sipping hot cocoa.

Events Listed has ensured all of your birthday party invitations needs and more are met. All for free. What a concept!


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