Bridal Shower Themes

Bridal shower themes should be fun. If you’re the maid of honor and in charge of the bridal shower, focus on it being fun. Your sister, or your cousin, or your friend, or whomever this shower is for is about to get married. Let her have her fun now before going on lock down for the rest of her life. Just kidding. But seriously…

Bridal showers don’t have to be hard to put together. Decide on a fun bridal shower theme, post the information online at the Events Listed website, send out the invitations electronically from here, have the party, and have a blast. Oh yeah – also go down in history for throwing the best dang bridal shower there ever was! Here are some suggestions for you:

Bridal Shower Themes #1

Naught & Nice – have each guest bring one “naughty” gift and one “nice” gift. Take the naughty gifts and place them in a black satin pillow case, tie with a red ribbon, and give to the guest of honor to take home. She can’t open them there. She opens them with her new husband on their wedding night and then they can have a few fun games of their own.

Bridal Shower Themes #2

Quiz the Bride – put her in the hot seat! See how well Ms. Missy knows her man. Ask her a serious of questions about her soon-to-be hubby and see how many she gets right. Have you guest participate by giving a “yes” or “no” vote as to whether or not she’ll get the question right. Ahead of time you would have video taped the groom answering the questions you are about to ask her about him. Each time she answers, play the tape and get the correct answer from him. Keep a tally of right or wrong and give that and the tape as a gift to the both of them.

Bridal Shower Themes #3

Honeymoon Panties – buy a bunch of plain white cotton panties (in the bride’s size) and a lot of markers. When game time, pass out to each guest and have them create their masterful, sexy, funny, corky, etc. version of the perfect honeymoon panties. When done, have the bride model them outside of her clothes and vote as to which three are the best. Give out prizes to the three winners. First place gets the best prize of course. And the bride gets to keep them all to show to her new hubby.

So what do you need to do? Pick a theme and a date. Make sure your date works not only for the bride, but for the guest. Post it online at Events Listed, send the invitations online, get your responses online, throw the party and make sure all the guests have an awesome time. Don’t get so distracted by these games that you forget to make food and drink arrangements. Try to make the bride blush a few times, during the party, if you can. That’s always great.

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