Halloween Candy Dishes: Display a Delightful Treat For Your Guests!

Halloween Candy Dishes

Pretty and all-around candy dishes are commonly used and popular; most people know about these dishes! Attractive and functional, these dishes are available in many different sizes and shapes. These have as many different names as they do shapes, but all are used for the simple purpose of holding small pieces of candy for everyone’s enjoyment!

These dishes are beautifully made and are fashioned from a variety of materials, including glass, ceramics, plastic or metals such as aluminum, silver or copper. They are found in all shapes and sizes: some are beautifully designed and give a touch of sophistication to any room or event; others can be made in novelty shapes that hint at fun. Many dishes are designed to be left open, while other dishes are made with covers.

These dishes are often collected by people who enjoy them simply as collectibles, other people have dishes of various shapes that they display and use to serve candy from at all times! Especially when hosting guests at parties during the holidays, people will have these dishes available and on display filled with candy. The dishes used on special occasions can match the theme of the holiday; New Year’s celebrations often include candy displayed in pretend cocktail glasses. At a Valentine’s Day celebration, popular party themes can center on hearts or cupids containing heart-shaped candies or chocolates.

Another holiday when candy dishes are commonly seen is Easter; these dishes are often seen shaped like bunnies or eggs. At Easter, candies might be shaped as a bunny or baskets. Halloween, another holiday with a lot of candy, is different; this occasion is meant to have lots of candy for trick-or-treaters! The holiday offers wide varieties of novelty candy containers because at Halloween, there is an emphasis on the amount of candy available! Some of the Halloween candy holders are often made in holiday shapes: witches, cauldrons, black cats, bats, spiders, jack o’ lanterns, skeletons and other scary-looking shapes and forms.

Thanksgiving is a holiday when family and friends get together and appreciate their blessings. At such gatherings, it is possible to find candy dishes shaped like turkeys, pies or fall vegetables such as pumpkins and gourds representing the holiday. Christmas, also, features specialty candies that are made and flavored for the season. Typical Christmas candies that you will find are shaped like Christmas trees, stars, snowflakes, reindeer, candy canes, Santa Claus shapes, bells, gift boxes and Christmas stockings. At Christmas parties, there may also be more assorted sweets such as candy canes, sweet or spicy mints, small chocolate shapes and other specialty candies for the season.

During the rest of the year, it is also common to find these popular and beautiful candy dishes prominently displayed in households. Wedding candy dishes are usually elegantly displayed at the refreshment tables at wedding receptions. Some, meant for personal use, are often found by the owner’s bedside; others are used out in the open like cookie jars where everyone is welcome to have a piece and enjoy the candy!

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