Champagne Wedding Favors: Essential Planning A Wedding Information

When a couple is going to be wed, they will be looking for the ideal item to place on tables at the reception as favors for their guests. They may wish to consider champagne wedding favors to show their thanks for all the family and friends sharing in their celebration. The bottles do not have to be full-sized and most will use small two or three-ounce champagne bottles with a custom label containing the details of the bride and groom and the wedding date. Some champagne wedding favors may even have a photograph of the bride and groom on the label.

A word of warning if selecting champagne wedding favors is that if there are persons attending the wedding that are too young to drink, the favors must not be left unattended on the tables. It is also possible to have non-alcoholic beverages placed in bottles that resemble champagne.

The beverage inside the bottles can also be used to toast the bride and groom during the traditional toast to the couple. In cases where the champagne wedding favors are meant for the guests to take with them, it should be announced at the beginning of the evening, so anyone who wishes can keep it unopened.

Provide Favors As A Memory
For hundreds of years wedding favors were meant as a gift of gratitude for those attending the wedding and the reception. Old traditions included candy-coated almonds, often consumed during the reception. By offering champagne wedding favors the guests can leave at then end of the party with a memory of the day as well as of the happiness shared by the couple.

Many champagne bottles have a foil wrap around the top to hold the cork in place and champagne wedding favors can be found with the foil in the same color as the wedding theme. These make attractive additions to the decoration on the table as well as the hall in which the reception is being held. Colors of the bottles can also be arranged to fit into the general theme of the reception.

Being able to find champagne wedding favors in the right colors, containing the right beverage to work into the celebration should be easy enough. But, in rare cases a couple may have a vintner friend that can supply a more personal, homemade champagne that can be used as champagne wedding favors. Personalizing the bottles with a custom label and applying a ribbon can greatly decorate the tables as well as the gift.

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