Chocolate Coins Leads to Prom Date

Chocolate Coins

Love is beautiful and chocolate is sweet. Put these two together and you have an undeniably wonderful combination! This combination worked for a young man who recently purchased chocolate coins from Announce It! He chose our gold foiled wrapper. In addition, he had these candy coins personalized with two messages: The front of the chocolate coins said…”You mean more to me than all treasures” (with two entangled hearts) The back of the candy coin said ”Prom?”

Chocolate Coins Prom

He used the delicious chocolate candies to ask his girlfriend, Jenny, to the prom. I’m happy to report that it worked! Not only did Jenny agree to attend the prom with him, but she was also appreciative of the “beautiful chocolates,” as she called it. The very happy young lady sent us pictures of the chocolate coins and wished us best wishes. Now the pictures are here to share with you.

Best wishes to you as well, Jenny.

This was a truly unique way to ask a girl to the prom. Who would’ve thought that chocolate could be that touching?

Actually, chocolate coins are a good way to personalize any occasion: anniversary, baby or bridal shower, birthday, graduation, etc. You name the occasion and Announce It! will make it special by personalizing it with reasonably priced chocolate coins.

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