Chocolate Wedding Favors: Practical Wedding Planning Guide

When you are thinking about chocolate wedding favors, you might think about Hershey candy bars, chocolate kisses, M&M’s and anything else that might be chocolate. You can utilize pouches, little gift boxes or you might choose individually wrapped bars with your names and wedding date inscribed.

Chocolate Wedding Favors

Brides have so many different options when it comes to satisfying a sweet tooth. You might think about dark and white chocolate candies to give a contrast. Chocolate wedding favors are always a nice addition to the table decorations. You can use pillars for placing M&M’s in at the tables for a colorful accent.


Wedding Chocolate Favor Stickers

Shapes Of Chocolate Wedding Favors
You can choose from many different chocolate shapes. For instance, the bell shaped chocolate, the butterfly chocolate and the heart shaped chocolate. You might even find the white chocolate dove would make a special accent for your table. There are snowflakes, golf balls seashells, leaves and even miniature bride and groom chocolate statues. You are sure to be able to find the perfect chocolate wedding favors to meet your wedding theme needs.

Wedding Stickers for Favors

Tasty Chocolate Wedding Favors
You can select various tastes such as white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, light chocolate and all the other fruity flavored chocolates. Brides have so many options available when seeking out the perfect flavored chocolate to place around the tables. The chocolate wedding favors can be in foil, paper wrappers, pouches or gift boxes. You could have a single flavor pack or a variety pack. And, you can make them yourself, which is the really nice thing about using chocolate wedding favors.

Many Ways To Give Chocolate Wedding Favors
One bride’s idea for her wedding reception was to make a tree filled with little pouches of chocolates. The wedding guests could not see what was inside as the Bride used colored pouches that matched her color scheme and filled each pouch with an assortment of chocolates. Each guest picked a pouch from the tree.and when they opened it up, they saw a sweet little surprise.

You can be as creative as you want to be when using chocolate wedding favors. The above was one bride’s idea and she gave others the creative idea. It just takes a little imagination to come up with unique ways to give chocolate treats as a gift to your wedding guests. Remember, every idea you have is a good idea because it reflects your style.

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