Choosing A Themed Wedding: Practical Advice

You have recently become engaged, and once the excitement has subsided a little, the next step is to start planning the wedding! You have a variety of different options open to youwhen it comes to organizing your wedding, but one way to make it particularly memorable for everyone involved is to have a theme wedding!

Holiday Weddings Make for Wonderful Theme Weddings
Say, for instance, that you and your fiance love the holiday season, and Christmas most of all. Thus, why not celebrate both the holiday season and each other by having a Christmas-themed wedding! It should be noted that it’s best not have the wedding ceremony on Christmas or Christmas Eve, since the wedding party and your guests might have other plans.

So, it is a good idea to have your Christmas-themed wedding 7 to 10 days before Christmas. Now, the next step is thinking about a unique way to arrive at the wedding. If, for instance, that time of the years is always snowy, consider arriving in a sleigh! The sleigh can be decorated with red and gold ribbons for a festive look.

The same can be done for the wedding decorations. Christmas is a holiday that lends itself well to lbeautiful decorations, so it will certainly be easy to decorate the reception area for the themed wedding! For instance, if you are having the reception in one big room, get four Christmas trees, and place one in each corner. Decorate each of the trees with white wedding ornaments.

Another thing you will need to think about is how the bridesmaids and groomsmen should look. It is essential that they should complement each other some way. An interesting idea is to have the groomsmen wear red velvet vests under their black tuxedos and ties, and the bridesmaids wear red velvet dresses.

Of course, you will have to think about the overall climate in your area, since velvet can tend to be very hot. Also, if there is not any snow on the ground, then you would have to rethink the sleigh idea. Therefore, you need to have other alternatives available, and that can easily be done with the proper research.

For more information on themed weddings in general, begin by going to your local bookstore and getting various wedding planner magazines. These magazines will be very helpful to you, as they can provide links to websites that you might not have found otherwise. So, have patience, and enjoy [pin]orgainizing|planning[/spin] your wedding – a themed wedding that is sure to be memorable!


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