Choosing The Best Wedding Cake Stand

When you’re planning your wedding, a wedding cake stand is probably not the first thing on your mind; you pay more attention, naturally, to the wedding cake itself since it will be a focus of attention during the reception. But consider that even the most attractive wedding cake would not look as good if it was placed on top of an ugly stand; a good-looking stand, on the other hand, may help enhance the appearance of a less-than-perfect cake.

Wedding cake stands are available in a wide variety of styles and materials, from metal, china, ceramics and even single-use Styrofoam. Keep in mind when picking among the many available wedding cake stands that there is no one correct way to display the cake; the stand that you choose will ultimately reflect your taste and the tone you would like to set for the reception. You should ensure, however, that the stand is coordinated with the general design theme of the party. For example, you will need a wedding tiered cake stands if your wedding cake has multiple tiers that you want to display separately like a staircase.

Traditional wedding cake stands are intended to display the conventional three-tiered cake in which the tiers are stacked one on top of the other. The cake may be elevated by the stand slightly atop the table or may lie flat on its surface. But this traditional display has given rise to many variations. The upper two tiers, for instance, may be put on pillars which suspend them above the lower tier; this also makes the wedding cake seem to have more height. The wedding cake can also be put on a stand in which each tier is displayed on its own plate to make them look as if they are floating on top of each other.

If you want to make the reception seem more playful, why not use non-traditional cake stands? For example, the tiers can be displayed with the bottom and largest tier in the middle and the other tiers in plates on either side. Tiers can also be grouped on stands in descending or ascending order, as if they were stairs. They work particularly well for cakes in which each tier is individually designed, as it allows them to be displayed separately. You can use all kinds of things for supports of the different tiers of an untraditional stand like ice cream scoops you can pick up at a wholesale ice cream store.

In fact, virtually anything can be used as a stand, so long as it will support the weight of the cake. Surfing fans, for example, can use surfboards or body boards as their stand. Even upturned baskets or Frisbees can be stands; your imagination is the only limit. If your reception room has wicker furniture then you might want to consider little replicas of wicker dining chairs for your cake stands.

Apart from an unconventional wedding cake stand, you might also want to consider wedding cake alternatives. For example, cupcakes are an increasingly popular substitute for wedding cakes. A good stand for cupcakes is one that has a separate plate for every cupcake. You can also choose to display the cupcakes using a fake wedding cake in which the cakes are placed on the outside.

Once you’ve chosen the stand you want, you can enhance it with accessories. For example, if you have a high stand supporting the first tier of cake you can put flowers, candles, a fountain or other decor underneath it. A stand that has spare unused plates can also be dressed up by putting decorations in the empty plates.

Many bakeries now offer wedding cake stands for rent, saving you the expense of buying one that may only be used once and then stored away. On the other hand, a wedding cake stand can make an attractive kitchen accessory; you can place food that you are serving on the different plates for a more fun dining experience akin to eating at a buffet.

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