Choosing a Theme for Your Birthday Party

The very first consideration when choosing a theme for your party is whom the party is for! Is it for a toddler, child, teenager, adult, retirement, house warming, anniversary, or one of the many other reasons to celebrate???

Themes for children 12 and under

The best way to choose a theme for a party where all of the children will be under the age of 12 is to look at what your child and his or her friends enjoy.


Music such as top 40 or country

Television shows such as Dora, Blue’s Clues, and even American Idol

Movies such as Finding Nemo, Spiderman, Superman, and Cars

Activities such as sports, dance, crafts, and cooking

Other general themes could include princesses, superheroes, circus, and animals

The most important factor is choosing a theme that your child will enjoy so ask your child if he has a specific theme in mind for his party.

Themes for Teens

First things first, your teen may not want a theme. Themes may be very uncool at this time in their lives. So ask first. Use the same guidelines as above if your teen gives you the ok. Also consider something as simple as a color scheme so that you can at least decorate and make the party space look festive.

Themes for Adults

The best way to choose a theme for an adult party is to consider the personality of the person or people that the party is for. Would they enjoy a Hawaiian luau or a karaoke party? Is an “Over the Hill” theme appropriate? The best place to go to get ideas is a party store or party web site. They offer decorations and favors in all sorts of themes!

What You Need for Your Themed Party

All of these items should be within the chosen theme or something complementary such as a coordinating color.




Table Centerpiece


Serving Items

Dinner Plates

Cake Plates





Don’t forget about party favors. Children’s parties should include goodie bags that include small toys and candy. These favors are a special thank you to guests for attending the party. Try to keep in the theme of the party and the favor will be a special memory for years to come!

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