Cooking Party Invitations

Pizza Party InvitationCooking party invitations for all the chefs in your life. Sounds fun and yummy. We’ve got what you need for your invitations and we’ve also got some great tips for you to make your cooking party go smoothly and be a success.

* If you are doing one big uniform meal, assign your guest certain groceries to purchase and bring with them. This keeps the costs down for you.

* If you are doing different food themes (Mexican, Italian, Chinese, etc.), then assign one person to be in charge of each theme and have that person assign the grocery list within each group.

* Whatever dishes, pans, or utensils you don’t have that you need, assign someone to bring instead of you buying. Keep the costs down.

Personalized Cooking Party Invitation

Why not whip up some invitations that you’ve created and personalized to match your cooking party theme? You can easily and for free through Events Listed. With over 60 multi media tools available for you to completely personalize your web page, it’s the perfect recipe. You create the web page first so it can act as your invitation.

All of the tools are in a simple to use Web 2.0 environment, ready for you to completely personalize your page to your cooking party theme. Include pictures, videos, audios, surveys, and more. Pop in video of Rachael Ray or Gordon Ramsey. Add some music and even put up a timer that counts down to the party.

Be sure to post the date and time of the cooking party and any special instructions for your guests, such as “no MSG.” Just kidding. You can also post a poll for your guest to vote on which dishes they’d like to create. How about adding a map and directions to the cooking hot spot?

Party Invitations-All Eyes On the Guest List

Once your page is complete, you then invite your guests to go to your page by sending electronic emails with electronic links to your page. They click the link and arrive on your page. They’ll have eyes on the guest list and they’ll be able to respond to your invitation as well as seeing how others have responded. They’ll be able to see who’s ready to cook, who has 86ed themselves, and who hasn’t responded yet.

Your guests can also start networking together online as soon as they wish and you can even promote more networking by cross referencing other cooking unique party online groups. Get great recipes and cooking tips right there on your own web page.

Take advantage of the task manager to assign who is bringing what groceries and/or cooking supplies and post what group they are in. Send out preset, automated email reminders about the party date and time as the date draws nearer.

What about posting a budget for each person or each group right on the web page and manage it from there? There’s so much you can do with you web page, why not do it? It will make your life a lot easier. And again, it’s free, from Events Listed. Spot on!

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