Creative Personalized Party Favors

Personalized Wine Favors

Announce It! is built on personalization. Whether it’s our candy wrappers, labels – it’s all about personalization with our business. Yet, there are customers who come to Announce It! and after purchasing our products, create their own personalization. We recently had a satisfied customer to do this. She bought our personalized candy bar with a striped wrapper that read: “Amoy’s Candy Land; you’re invited!” She placed this personalized product in a cellophane sleeve. She added a final touch by tying a ribbon on it. Her creation is part of a Candy Land themed birthday party favors.

Agate Birthday Invitations

We later heard from this satisfied customer. She stated that she loved the wrappers we created for her. She went on to state that partygoers loved it as well. She concluded by thanking us and attaching a picture of her completed project.

Agate Birthday Stickers

It doesn’t matter if it’s from us or you – nothing beats personalization. To be able to express your creative side in a distinctive manner is a treat. And as the mastery of personalization, Announce It! will be more than willing to start you off.

Announce It! is pleased that this customer was satisfied. It’s just another success story of how we can work wonders with personalization.

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