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Digital Photography For A Wedding: Information


Cameras have always been used in times of special occasions. They can really help people keep all of their treasured memories.

It is well known that weddings are one of the special occasions in an individual’s life. Many people wait for the day they can have a sacred union with the one that they love. And in order for them to have at least a good memory of this great event, cameras are a must.

Digital cameras are really excellent for capturing happy moments during events like weddings.

Since the introduction of digital cameras, they have outsold film cameras. Thus, this makes digital wedding photography a more popular service than film photography. Why?

Well, this may be because digital photography can take wedding pictorials into new heights. Cameras used for digital photography provides a lot of new advantages to their users.

One of the major advantages of these digital cameras is that they let users skip the usual film separation process, which is among the most time-consuming processes in photography. So, removing one time-consuming process would mean getting results faster, right? And when living in a fast-phase society, quick results are a must!

Another advantage of digital wedding photography is that, even though it provides fast results, the quality of each printed photo is not sacrificed. This means that no matter how fast you get your pictures, the result is still beautiful.

Another advantage of digital wedding photography is that it provides customization options to its users. This would mean that a user can edit photos even before they are printed. You can change the size, brightness, contrast or sharpness of your photo. You can even add or remove some details on your photos.

Digital photography has also integrated with cellular phones. This means that you only need to bring a phone to take pictures during weddings. But, it is a fact professional digital cameras can provide better results than the cameras of cellular phones. Most professional digital cameras have 10 mega pixels while cellular phones usually have lower mega pixel and the lens is of a poorer quality. Even if you have a great number of pixels you need a quality lens to achieve qualiy photographs.

But perhaps the greatest advantage of digital wedding photography is the availability of your photos to be reproduced over and over again without making any variations between the first printed photo and the last photo printed. Digital photography allows users to save their files on their computers, which would mean that they can be reproduced without wearing out any film, since it doesn’t need one.

But, no matter how great a technology is, it’s still not perfect. One of the major disadvantages of digital photography is that it is not ideal for 4-color printing. Why? Well this is because of the fact that there will always be a variation between the images you will see on your pc monitor and your 4 color printed photo.

Why? Well, computer monitors use RGB, right? Four color printing uses CMYK. RGB and CMYK have entirely different outputs. So, no matter what you do, the image on your monitor will never be the same as your 4 color photos, unless there have computer monitors that also use CMYK to produce colors for the images and texts.

And of course, your digital wedding photographs can be retouched using specialist software such as Adobe Photoshop.

When picking a photographer always ask to see examples of his work.

Another important task for any couple planning a wedding is who to choose as their master of ceremonies for the wedding reception.

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