Dress for Fun on New Years Eve

New Years Eve Dresses

Planning a birthday party, Quinceanera, or New Years party? There are so many essential party to-do’s to cross off of your list, from shopping the New Years Eve 2012 dresses to picking out the perfect favors.

Quinceanera Dresses

First, figure out the theme of your party. There are so many fun themes, you can hold a simple Quinceanera where you pick a traditional Quinceanera dress, or an over the top Hollywood style New Years bash where only the hottest style of New Years Eve 2012 dresses will do. Once you have this decided, you can get started on invitations, decorations and planning out favors and food.

Cinderella Gowns

Next, you need figure out your guest list. How many people do you want to invite? Try to plan ahead so you’re not guessing how many favors are needed just weeks before the party. Here are a few things you can try to include on your invitations

Time and place of occasion – refer to the address by a local landmark, or provide a way to get directions easily.

  •    An RSVP by date – to make planning easy for you.
  •    Dress Code – so everyone knows whether it’s a formal dress or short cocktail dress occasion.
  •    Your contact information – for any last minute cancellations, questions, etc. 

Princess Gowns

Then, once you have a rough estimate of yes’s, no’s, and maybe’s you can start to order party supplies. Ordering more is always safer than underestimating your needs. After all, when it comes to delicious food and favors, you can always save them for later!

 Finally, it’s time to party! You’re throwing the party, it’s time to enjoy your hard work. Throw on your pretty party dress and be ready to have fun. Whatever type of party you’re planning; make it memorable by picking a fun theme and the party dress, the decorations, and favors to match!

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