Great and Easy Free Baby Shower Games!

Guess that Baby Food
Set out several jars of baby food. Tear off the labels first. Put out some small sample spoons and pencils and paper. Each guest will have to take a turn and try each jar of food. They can taste it and smell it and look at the color and texture. Then they need to make their guess. What is that baby food??? You can use simple flavors such as bananas, sweet potatoes, and peas or get craftier and use blended jars of baby food such as chicken noodle, strawberry banana, and vegetable medley. The person that gets the most right wins a prize!

The Bottle Chug
First, no beer allowed. This is a baby shower and not a frat party! Fill baby bottles with milk, punch, juice, or water. Have every participant line up and see who can chug their bottle the fastest! This game gets everyone laughing! Give the winner a nice bottle of wine as her prize!

Guess the Number of Bibs
It is no secret that people cannot pass by a cute bib without buying it for the mother-to-be. They are always a little addition to the bigger gift. So, before the new mom opens her gifts, have each guest guess how many bibs the mother-to-be will receive. Each guest should write his or her name and guess on a sheet of paper. This can also be done with blankets, onesies, and rattles! Choose one or all in case of a tie. Make sure someone keeps track of how many of each is received. The closest guess wins a prize!

The Diaper Door Prize
This is a great game for guests and the new mother. Tell every guest that if they bring a package of diapers to the shower then they will be entered to win the door prize. Make it something nice like a restaurant gift certificate, spa gift certificate, or something equally as nice. The new mom will be thrilled to have all those diapers and someone walks away with a great prize!

Guess the Number of Safety Pins, Diapers, or Burp Cloths
Fill a clear jar with safety pins, diapers, or burp cloths. Have each guest try and guess how many are in the jar. Give the woman with the closest guess a nice prize and the contents of the jar go to the new mother!

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