Edible Wedding Favors: Top Wedding Planning Ideas

Some of the most popular trends in wedding favors are those that guests can drink or eat. Types of edible wedding favors available in a wide range of prices, and, of course, it is also possible to make your own. It would be most unusual to find a wedding reception where the majority of the guests do not like chocolate candy and by slipping a personalized wrapper over the candy bars from the store can create edible wedding favors that are unique token of your wedding day.

Traditionally, the original wedding favors were sugar cubes in metal boxes, given by the rich and powerful as a show of status and wealth, as sugar was expensive at the time. Gradually the tradition changed to include five candy-covered almonds in a cloth bag,representing the bittersweet nature of marriage. This giving of edible wedding favors was popular hundreds of years ago and the tradition of offering sweets and treats is beginning to be popular again.

However, in the western society, people are aiming to be different and discover the most unique items they can as a memory of their wedding day for their guests. Creating their own edible wedding favors could be something as simple as candy kisses in a small bag or as elaborate as iced cookies with the couple’s name written in icing on the top.

Add Personal Information To Edible Favors
While setting a bunch of miniature candy bars on the tables may appear a bit tacky, they will be better received if the wrapper has the couple’s wedding information on a customized wrapper. There are companies online that sell these wrappers to make your own edible wedding favors. They simply slip over the ones you can buy in most department or grocery stores.

They are even available if you want to use the full-sized candy bars and can be made of virtually any color of paper and printing to fit into the color theme of the wedding. Although guests will unwrap the candy to eat it, they may choose to save the outer wrapper from edible wedding favors as a wedding keepsake.

One caution when selecting edible wedding favors is to avoid perishable food items. It is also good to consider the environment of the wedding when selecting the type of edible wedding favors to place on the tables. Wedding receptions being held outdoors or in a tropical climates may not be a good place for chocolate or other candies or foods that can be ruined by the heat.

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