Effortless Graduation Party Ideas

Floral Graduation Invitations

Graduating from high school or college is a monumental achievement that deserves a hearty celebration. Years of studying, test taking, cramming all night, and of course all the fun and memories created on the way, have finally paid off! The student is going to get recognized by their family, their peers and the school at a graduation ceremony; but don’t forget all the family members and friends that helped them reach that graduation mile stone! Celebrate everyone involved with an awesome graduation party to wrap up the whole ordeal!

Post Card Graduation Invitations

 Postcard Graduation Invitations 

Once you have decided on a budget, a location and a theme for your party, you are ready to purchase your graduation party invitations! Look online for fantastic deals on high quality invitations at a low price.

Let your theme be your guide when decorating for the party. Graduation caps and scrolls are popular decor but you can also try something more whimsical like shooting stars or a travel theme if your guest of honors’ next life event involves leaving the state or country! Maybe sports or music played a big part of your student’s last four years. You can take the time to honor that interest now by making it part of your graduation theme.

Here are a few ideas for current trendy graduation party activities:

– Make a memory jar. Have guests write memories of the last four years on colorful strips of paper to fill a clear mason jar. The memories inside the jar can be read later by the recipient in privet for them to reflect on their school career.

– Signature frames, shirts or stuffed animals. Have guests sign their names and offer words of encouragement on an object that can be used as a keepsake.

–  Hang photos as decorations using clothing pins and wire or rope. You can even intertwine white or colored strings of lights for evening parties.

–  Create a time capsule. Have guests secretly add items to a time capsule that can be opened by the graduate at their 10th reunion.

Cheap Graduation Party InvitationsCheap Graduation Party Invitations

You can honor parents, sibling or grandparents by seating them at a specially decorated table or letting them give a speech to the graduate during the event. Or perhaps the guest of honor themselves would like to say a few words to the crowd thanking their family and friends for their support.

You can end the event with thoughtful party favors that are unique to your graduate.  Have the favors include the graduates name or photo to personalize the occasion.

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