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Plan an Employee Appreciation Day That Says “Thank you”

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Every company owes it to their employees to show them that they appreciate their hard working efforts in making their business a success. This is the prime purpose of Employee Appreciation Day.

To show your employees that you appreciate their hard work, start off by picking the best day to host this event. It’s best to choose a day when your business is closed. If your business is open seven days a week, spare a few hours from one of your work days.

Since this day celebrates your employees, consider allowing them to plan this event. Your ideas may differ from theirs, so it’s very important that you take this into consideration. For instance, you might want to serve catered food. They, on the other hand, might prefer that each employee contribute a dish.

You’ll also want to discuss with your employees about what type of entertainment and activities they would enjoy. While you might be interested in hiring a DJ, they may be only interested in karaoke. Again, since this day is about them, let the choice be theirs.

You can, however, take it upon yourself to reward your best employees with prizes. What you choose as an award is up to you. Some suggestions are certificates, gift cards, or even personalized scratch off tickets, which are available at Announce It!

Whatever you and your employees decide to do for Employee Appreciation Day, just make sure it’s something that will be fun. As a result, employees will be even more eager to work hard for you so they can have another Employee Appreciation Day next year!

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