Engagement – Customized Announcements

Engagement is a huge thing. Congratulations! You’re probably so excited you are about to bust at the seams. You probably can’t wait to shout it out to the world from the rooftops.
You may not be able to actually be heard all across the world if you are screaming from the rooftops, but you can be heard and seen all across the world by using the web. Unlimited audience right at your fingertips.

Engagement – Shout it Out!

Get the news of your engagement spreading like wildfire by posting it on the web. Through multi media tools, you can produce a very romantic or a very trendy engagement web page. There are no rules to follow. You get to personalize your page however you want and you don’t even need technical expertise. All of the tools are insanely simple.

Create an engagement announcement page that is so incredible everyone will want to know how you did it so they can build their own pages. You can make it sappily romantic or crazy and spontaneous. Add video of you and your fiancé; have your song playing in the background, and place pictures of you and your soon-to-be spouse all over the page outlined with hearts or wedding rings.

Or if you want to go against the grain, add some zany pictures of zany things you guys like to do, like mountain climb or sky dive. “Birds of a feather flock together and we’ve decided to tie the knot.”
Post sweet nothings and little tidbits about how you met, your first date, and how he proposed. Post pictures of each of you growing up or of hobbies you have now. The personalization possibilities are endless.

Engagement – Invitations That Just Don’t Stop

Once you have created your engagement page, you invite your guests through electronic means via email that contains a link. They click the link and come to your engagement announcement page. They see your announcement as well as seeing themselves on your guest list for the page. They also see that they can communicate with you and each other.

You can also add pictures of your guests to go beside their names on the list, making it more personal and interesting for all of you to communicate with each other and network.

What about when the engagement is over and you’re finally married? Just change up the page to pictures of the wedding, add videos of the wedding, funny things at the reception, and post a “wedding dinner gossip” section. Keep your guest communicating and networking on your page and add fresh videos, pictures, music, and anything else you’d like.

You and your networking group can even start networking with other groups related to engagement postings. It’s like going as a small group to a coffee shop and before the night is up, you’ve met everyone in the place.

It’s also free. So why not try it out? Just go to the Events Listed website and have a blast. And congratulations again on your engagement. We wish you and yours well.

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Simon Ford is an Internet Entrepreneur who specializes in Event Launch Marketing applying social media and internet marketing strategies. “he initially started writing to attract traffic to his websites and has since become hooked”. If the content of this article interests you, you may be interested to visit his website to learn more about the latest party ideas and themes and party planning strategies by visiting the Events Listed website.

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