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Engagement Rings : Gemstones For Suitable Diamond Alternates


Gemstones are affordable alternate to the expensive diamonds and at the same time, their power of expressing the couples’ true feeling of love towards each other is equally strong. A wide range of colors is the advantage the couples can explore for themselves when shopping for engagement ring, besides the benefit of the costs.

Your sentiments towards bride-to-be are precious but do not think that only a diamond can represent your true love for her. Sometimes, such the expensive stone is beyond buying reach. In such a circumstance, gemstones are considered as perfect affordable low cost options for setting them on engagement rings. However, a good comparison of the stones and her choice along with other aspects should be considered for a suitable purchasing.

Prior to shopping for gemstones, prepare a well planned budget. Know the higher limit of an amount you an easily spend. This will help you immensely as the stones vary in quality, size and colors with the cost of a stone of her choice may go little higher than expected. Another preparation that you must make is to know the specifications regarding settings of the engagement rings beforehand so that a gemstone can be purchased accordingly, and at lower costs, for creating a better impression.

When shopping for gemstones, know about the traditions behind them as the onlookers of the engagement rings will keep that in mind. For instance, some stones like ruby and sapphire are associated with royal people of the past. Then, each of the colors is known for the emotions as well. Keep this in mind after knowing the basic emotion and nature of your bride.

Red gemstones have been traditionally associated with the warmness and symbolize the heart. The stone should be preferred for passion and zeal for the life. Ruby is the stone usually liked for red colors. However, for the same warmth and enthusiasm, red garnet, tourmaline or spinel can be preferred as they are of lower costs than ruby.

For showing the couples’ faithfulness to each other, green gemstones are considered for engagement rings. Variety of shades of green can be compared to suit her choice and mood. Emerald is the usual choice because of its richness of color and some history also, but green garnet and green tourmaline also is the choices she can made.

Couples who are interested in spiritual aspect of their union, they can explore blue gemstones. These are also considered for expressing purity of the relationship. When thinking of engagement rings with blue stones, you can make choices from sapphire, tourmaline, iolite and spinel. And do not forget pearl, which expresses love and durability of the relationship. There is a wide range of other colors also in gemstones for variety of emotions and moods.

Some want that the color of the stone should also be the birth-stone. The couples can shop for such combination as well.

To conclude, gemstones can be preferred for their varieties for representation of her choice and sentiments. These are inexpensive alternate to the diamonds. But cost of engagement ring with gemstones can be lowered further and you should compare the offers of the stones before setting for the one.

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