A Fabulous Quinceanera Party!

I must admit that I have never been to a Quinceanera or Quince Años .  I was never privileged to attend such an event. Now, as more people of different cultures and ethnicities are moving into my neighborhood, I am hopeful that my children will be able to have the opportunity to experience different cultural events. My limited knowledge of the Quinceanera comes from two television shows. Mtv’s, My Super Sweet 16, did an episode with a girl planning her Quinceanera and an episode of Dora the Explorer where her cousin was celebrating her Quinceanera.

What I learned from these two shows is that a Quinceanera is the event that defines a young woman’s life (her 15th birthday); this is her coming of age. This is similar to the tradition of the Bar Mitzvah or the sweet 16.

The Quinceanera is a big party and so it should be planned early! Many parents will spare no expense such as on the episode of My Super Sweet 16. This event can be as big as a wedding and in some regions it is also a religious event. The birthday girl has a court of her family and friends and they learn specific dances to be performed. This is a truly cultural event.

Since I have such limited information, I am turning to all of you to help one another to plan the perfect Quinceanera and to give me some insight as well. What are the most important details? Tell us all about your Quinceanera party planning!

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