Fascinated By Wedding Dresses?

Weddings always fascinated mu daughter. She loves going to weddings at our church, even if she does not know the people, she plead to have permission to sit in the back of the church and look at the bride walk down the aisle. To look at the designer wedding dresses, she would buy bridal magazines. For her birthday one year she asked to go to the bridal show so she could see the models in the many designer wedding dresses.

She was not dreaming about or visualizing her own wedding, she just liked to see all of the decorations and gowns and the cakes that people chose. Through the years I realized that she had quite an eye for details and that her ideas about wedding plans and designer wedding dresses were excellent. I was not sure if this talent would lead to anything, but her sense of style was appreciated. When she graduated from high school she signed up for general education courses at the local university. She stayed at home because the commute was less than thirty minutes from our house to the campus.

One day she returned home from the University really excited. She had been looking in the windows at designer wedding dresses when she noticed a help wanted sign. She went in to make an application for position and was employed. Her job is to help customers try on wedding dresses and bridesmaid’s dresses. She will also assist in measuring and taking orders. She is really enthusiastic about this new job. She immediately gave her two weeks notice to the fast food establishment where she has been working since she was sixteen. Because she will be surrounded by bridal wear every day, she thinks she got a job from heaven. I do not know if it will lead to a full time profession, but right now my daughter is extremely happy. That what is important to me.

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