The Fascinating History of Slushy Devices

The slushie was supposedly created about 1800 in a bar known as Venus in Santiago, Chile, around twenty three miles east of the Tiano iron mine, by a team of U.S. mining engineers. Tales persist that Jennings Cox created the beverage when he completely ran out of gin whilst entertaining American friends.

Originally the slushie was served in a tall glass loaded with cracked ice. A teaspoon of sugar was poured on to the ice and the liquid of a couple of limes was squeezed over the sugar. Two or three ounces of rum completed the mix. The glass was then frosted by stirring with a long-handled spoon.

Later on the Slushy developed to be mixed in a cocktails shaker with exactly the same ingredients but with shaved ice instead. After a complete shaking, it was poured into a perfectly chilled flute goblet.

Consumption of the slushie beverage stayed localised until 1909, when Admiral Lucius W. Johnson, a U.S. Navy medical officer, tried Cox’s beverage. Johnson consequently introduced it into the Army and Navy Club in Washington, D.C.

The slushie grew to be progressively more popular and the slushie spread across North & South America rapidly, until Prohibition in the Usa (1920–1933) slowed down the impetus significantly. However, once alcohol was made legal once more in the US, the idea of the slushie spread rapidly across north America, and the craze passed on all around the planet. The slushie stayed popular until eventually the 1960’s, when other recreational drugs started to be common.

These days the frozen slushie device happens to be very popular. A Slushie Machine creates an quick frozen slushie. The slushie mix which is a mixture of fresh fruit and drinking water, is put in to the slushie machine and inside an hour or so the equipment creates frozen slushies without having all the hassle of mixing up each drink. It is this simplicity in producing the drinks that has seen the wide spread use of slushie machines at all types of functions. Slush Machine Hire is becoming very popular for wedding receptions celebrations and company events throughout the planet.

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