Celebration Ideas for Dad on Father’s Day

Father's Day

Father’s Day is over a week away. If your father is still living, you’ll want to celebrate his life while showing your appreciation for him being your dad. Do this by giving him some unique gifts.

My Hero Father's Day

Men love unique items. The extremely odd figurine of a man using the toilet has been an instant hit with men for years! However, you want to give your father a tasteful gift. Here are some tasteful suggestions:

  • Buy him personalized scratch off tickets. Sold at Announce It!, scratch off tickets are personalized with a free message that can show your dad how much he means to you. He’ll love them so much, that he’ll feel luckier than if he actually hit the lottery! 
  • Another gift suggestion would be personalized ink pens. If your father is a writer or does a lot of writing, then he’ll need a supply of ink pens. Why not keep him stocked up with pens that not only write well, but also are personalized with four rotating messages? This unique keepsake is personalized for free and is refillable. 
  • Personalized chocolate coins from Announce It! are a good way to satisfy dad’s sweet tooth. These rich, milk chocolaty candies are wrapped in gold or silver candy coin – your choice. Personalization is always your choice: photos, messages … whatever you like! And best of it, personalization is free. 

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate another year of being blessed with our fathers. Don’t miss this special holiday to show your father that you love him with the right gift that will not only express the words in your heart, but also dad’s joy over his gift as well.

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