Throw a Frist Birthday Party for Your Little One Year Old

1st Birthday Party Invitations

Your precious little baby has reached a milestone: he or she has turned a year old! You’re so thrilled that your little darling is a year older that you want to celebrate. And you should; do so by throwing your precious child a birthday party.

Given their young age, throwing a party for a one year old is different than throwing a party for an adult. Here are some tips to help you throw a bash that will celebrate the life of your beautiful child:

  • Since your child is so young, chances are likely he or she won’t remember this party. So there’s no need to throw an elaborate party. Instead keep it simple. A few balloons will do just fine for decoration.
  • Since you’ll probably invite adults (family members and parents of other children), host the party at a time most convenient for the adults. This will probably be the weekend.
  • If other children will be present, keep this important thought in mind: a bored child can easily become a problem child! Prevent this by providing them with lots of toys to play with.
  • Take time to child-proof your home. Kids tend to wander off and get into things. Therefore, keep anything not intended for a child out of their reach.
  • While kids are picky eaters, simple foods such as chicken fingers and fries can be satisfying to their tastes. Kids also love ice cream and cake. Just make sure to check with the parents regarding whether their children suffer with food allergies.



Add a Special Twist to Your Child’s 1st Birthday Party


It’s not every day that your child will turn a year old. Commemorate the occasion by giving your guests a gift they’ll enjoy: a chocolate birthday party favor with a customized candy wrapper – exclusively from Announce It!

Our birthday party favors are made exclusively for kids. It’s a candy bar wrapped in a personalized candy wrapper. This personalized wrapper can have any message you feel best celebrates your child’s birthday.

Parents will love this chocolate birthday party favor for its unique wrapper. Kids will love it for the sweet chocolate candy. You’ll love it because it shows your joy as parent.

Kids can be a blessing. Celebrate your blessing by having a birthday party you’ll be proud to tell him of her about when they’re older.

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