Fun Retirement Party Ideas


Retirement Welcome SignWhen a person retires from their job, it can be a sad occasion. After all, you’ve become accustomed to seeing this person practically every day of your life. It’s like they’re an extended family member.

Cheer up, though. Just because there’s sadness over a person’s decision to retire doesn’t mean there’s nothing to celebrate. In fact, you can celebrate all the years they’ve dedicated their time to the company as well as having fulfilled your life with wonderful memories.

If you’re in charge or you’re helping others plan a retirement party, here are some ideas for you to consider:

Fun Retirement Party Favors

Have a simple dinner. Go beyond having a sheet cake and a cup of punch. Instead honor the retiree with a dinner that includes matching, colorful party ware and tableware – both available at Announce It! For beverages, include bottled water that’s been wrapped with personalized water bottle labels. These customized labels are also available at Announce It!

Allow some retirement speeches. Consult with other co-workers and the retiree’s family members about saying a few words about the retiree. Speeches can be funny and tear-jerkers. It’s most important that the speeches are sincere. Just warn the speakers not to say anything offensive about the retiree.

Give gifts. Because gifts are always the perfect way for someone to express their appreciation, send the retiree off into retirement with gifts they will treasure just as much as they will the memories they accumulated while being an employee at your company.

These are just a few suggestions for a retirement party; however, it’s obvious that they’re easy to plan. Just make sure you plan in a timely manner and use the services of Announce It! for all your party favors.

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