Host An Unforgettable Anniversary Party

Is there a special couple you know?  Whether they are your friends or your parents, use the ideas listed below to give them the amazing anniversary party they deserve!

Spread the word

You can’t have a party without guests.  Let them know about the special occasion with custom party invitations from Announce It!  These truly unique invitations are only a hint of how great the party is going to be.

Anniversary Invitations

Get it started off right

An Anniversary welcome sign is a perfect way to greet guests.  You can create your own with Announce It! by choosing the wording and the photo.  This customized poster will remind everyone of the reason for the celebration.

Anniversary Welcome Sign

Decide on a theme

Make it easy on yourself by basing the theme on the couple’s wedding anniversary symbol.  If you pick your colors and decorations according to their symbol, that will eliminate many other choices and make the whole process much easier for you. 

Here are a few examples: 

  • One year - Paper
  • Ten years - Tin, Aluminum
  • Twenty years - China
  • Fifty years - Gold

Pick the perfect spot

One of the biggest questions you will face when planning an anniversary party is where to hold it.  In order to choose the appropriate venue, you must first determine if the event will be formal or casual, as well as how many guests will be invited.  Once you have this settled you’ll get a better idea of some possibilities.   

 The location could be anything from your house to a hotel ballroom.  Here are some more ideas: 

  • The couple’s home
  • Country club banquet room
  • Church hall
  • Restaurant

Serve great food

Buffet style works for small parties, but if you will be serving 30 or more guests hiring a catering service will save you a bunch of stress.  

But if you are on a tight budget and can’t afford a catering company, don’t be afraid to ask family members or friends to help with cooking for the crowd.

Sweet treats with a personal touch

Photo Anniversary Candy Bar Wrappers

Who doesn’t like chocolate?  Satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth with personalized candy from Announce It! 

Customize candy bar wrappers with a wedding photo of the couple, add some flair to Hershey’s Kisses by placing on them, and pass out milk chocolate coins wrapped in customized silver or gold foil.    

Not only will your guests be pleasantly surprised by these treats, but the celebrated couple will be touched by this extra measure of personalization. They might even keep the leftover wrappers as keepsakes that are as sweet as the candy!

Attention to detail

Impress your guests with your careful attention to detail by getting customized water bottle labels from Announce It! Labels that match the party’s theme will show off your party planning skills. But even more importantly, the happy couple will love it! 

As you can see from the tips given above, putting together a great anniversary doesn’t really have to be hard.  Especially when you get great party products from Announce It!  See all they have to offer for your next gathering.

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