How To Plan a Vintage Bridal Shower

Vintage Lingerie Bridal Shower Invitation

If you’re currently planning a bridal shower, why not consider one with a vintage twist. There’s a lot of planning that has to go into a bridal shower, so you’ll want to get started in plenty of time to get everything you need ready to go. For a shower with a vintage feel, you’ll need to first decide what era you’re going to work with.

Then make sure you can get access to the things you’ll need to make the shower really work. Setting up for the event and creating invites are also highly important, and the sooner you invite people the more opportunity they’ll have to save the date. If you take time, plan in advance, and make sure you’re ready for those little things that could go awry, you’ll be prepared and all the guests can have a great time. Vintage bridal showers can provide wonderful memories.

Vintage Bridal Shower Favors

Choosing the Right Era

When you’re planning a vintage bridal shower, the first thing you’ll want to do is decide which era you want to work with. If you love the elegance of the 1800's or you want to create a 1950's tea party, you’ll have options. If you’re not sure of the time frame before you go shopping for supplies, though, it can be harder to find the right things. Be clear on what you want to do before you shop.

Have Access To Materials

It’s vital that you have access to the materials you’ll need. Thrift shops can be great places to find vintage things, and some cities have stores that are completely dedicated to everything vintage. Buy early, as soon as you find the things you want. The sooner you start planning and buying, the more likely you’ll be to get everything you need. It can take time, and the older the era you choose the harder it will be to find what you want.

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Plan in Advance

It’s good to be ready weeks in advance. If something goes wrong then, you’ll have the chance to handle it. That includes getting materials, sending out the invitations, and making sure decorations and attire are ready. All the guests should have to do is arrive and have fun.

Crowd Source Your Work

If you need some help, ask. People who are going to attend the party might have some great ideas or even be able to lend you something that works well with the theme. That can save you money and time, and can make others feel more involved in the planning. It’s a great way to utilize the talents of a close-knit group.

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