How To Throw An Awesome Birthday Party For Your Kiddo

Your kid’s birthday party doesn’t have to be complicated or costly.  Here are some simple, cost-effective ideas that children of all ages will love.


Pool Birthday Party Invitations

Get your kids birthday party invitations from Announce It! Pick a theme, then personalize the invitations by choosing the color and wording.  Your child will be so excited to send these out to friends. 

Some of the fun themes available include: 

  • Pool party invitations
  • Superhero party invitations
  • Bowling party invitations
  • Pizza party invitations
  • And more!!!! 

So check them out to find what you want!


Here are some fun ideas that will make your kid’s birthday a hit. Pick whatever fits your budget and makes your child happy. 

  • Treasure Hunt - Find some rocks, spray paint them gold, then hide them and have the kids look for them. These make great party favors.
  • Games - Entertain your young guests with classic party games. There are tons of free games you could play, including freeze dance, musical chairs, charades, a three-legged race, and hot potato.
  • Decorate Cupcakes - Instead of serving a regular sized cake, make a batch of cupcakes and set them out for the children to decorate. Provide frosting, sprinkles, colored sugar, and chocolate chips and see how their creativity soars.
  • Bounce House - This is a guaranteed way to keep kids happily entertained for hours. And if rain is in the forecast, look into getting a smaller-sized indoor bounce house.
  • Pizza Making - Set up a station where kids can create individual-sized pizzas. All you need is pizza dough and some kid-friendly pizza toppings. 

Pizza Birthday Candy Bar Wrappers

Party Favors

Kids love taking home party favors.  Any child would be delighted to find the following items in a party favor bag, all of which can be customized and found at Announce It! 

  • Custom Birthday Kisses Stickers - These little stickers are almost as cute as your kiddo. They come in your chosen colors and include your customized text.  They can be attached to the bottom of the Hershey's Kisses for you so that you don’t have to spend time on this extra step. However, you can also just order the stickers and place them on the kisses yourself.   
  • Personalized Chocolate Coins - Sticking to the chocolate theme, here is another fun favor that is very budget friendly. Milk chocolate coins are popular with kids, but these are extra special because they can be personalized with photos and your choice of wording and colors.  Wouldn’t it be fun to give out coins with your child’s photo on them? 
  • Candy Bars in Customized Wrappers - Encase candy bars in customized wrappers that showcase your kid’s photo and your choice of color and text. The different themes to choose from match Announce Its! invitation These also come in mini sizes, which is a great option if younger kids will be present.

With all these amazing ideas, your kid’s birthday bash is bound to be a giant success, full of fun memories for your child to cherish.  So make your kid’s birthday party extra special by ordering personalized products from Announce It!

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