How to Wrap a Candy Bar with a Custom Candy Bar Wrapper

How to wrap a candy bar in foil

When you receive your custom candy bar wrappers from Announce It! you will be impressed with how it’s beautifully designed to commemorate your special occasion.

While we’ve done our part in designing it for you, it’s now your turn to do your part in wrapping your candy bars! Don’ worry; this isn’t hard to do. Simply follow the following instructions.

We’ll use a regular size 1.55 oz. Hershey’s Bar for our demonstration:

How to wrap a Hershey bar in foil

• Similar to a birthday present, fold the four pointy corners of the candy bar’s original wrapper underneath. The wrapper should now have a triangular look.

 • Fold both triangular ends underneath the bar. If necessary, tape it down.

 • Lay the candy bar downwards on the foil’s papered side.

 • Taking one side at a time, fold the long side of the foil towards the bar.

 Wrapping a Hershey Bar in Foil

• Once again, like a birthday present, fold the foil’s ends. It should resemble triangles.

 •Fold the triangles towards the foil’s folded long sides. If necessary, tape these ends down.

 • Lay one wrapper facing upwards on the candy bar. Make sure the front of the design is aligned with the front of the wrapper; flip the bar over.

 • Use a glue stick to glue the back of the wrapper together. If you prefer, you can use tape.

Finished product, foil wrapped candy bar

 • Fold the wrapper’s bottom up and over the candy. Make sure it’s tight and aligned evenly. 

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