Ideas For Company Christmas Parties

Company Christmas Party Invitations

Ideas for company Christmas parties are plentiful if you just use a little creativity. Don’t plan a huge, formal dinner at the boss’ house. That will make everyone uncomfortable, including your boss. Plus, it’s sure to be a snoozer. Find a neutral ground and have your rockin’ company Christmas party there.

Regardless of where you have the festivities, know that you can’t please everyone, but you can please the majority. Below are some tips that are sure to break the ice and get everyone relaxed and in a great mood.

Ideas for Company Christmas Parties to Get the Festivities Going

* As each person comes in, slap a Santa hat on them with their name on it and announce something funny they did at work.

* Have a Christmas stocking with your company logo for everyone. Have them draw numbers for different stockings and don’t allow them to open until everyone has one. Then they open them together only to find out they all have the same gifts.

* Play Christmas Pictionary. Use all Christmas related words and get silly with them.

* Have a “Christmas in Scotland” (or any other country) theme and not only evoke new cultural exposure and education onto your guests, but give them a unique, exciting company Christmas party that they’ll never forget.

Christmas Parties Invitations

Another spicy element to add to the party is to create completely personalized invitations, made personally by you online. Yes, you. With easy to use multi media tools, you can add numerous elements to your web page. When we say easy to use, that is exactly what we mean. Anyone can use these tools.

Decorate your web page for the season, add your company logo and as many Christmas decorations as your heart desires. You can also add pictures of the boss and the staff and add some Christmas videos. Have Christmas music or Christmas bells playing from your page. The personalization possibilities are endless.

You can post comment walls, have a Q&A, or add a poll for your guest to participate in. Once your page is complete, simply send out the invitations electronically via email containing a link to your page. Your guests will love seeing their names on the guest list, especially if you add their pictures beside their names.

They’ll be able to respond on if the are attending or not and see what others have responded. They’ll also be able to communicate and network with each other. You can even network with other social groups networking about company Christmas parties, but in no way do any of you have to stay on topic. It’s just a great way to find others in your niche and expand your horizons.

After the party, update the page to reflect activities from the party. Add a photo album and video from the party. And then keep networking. Don’t stop just because the party’s over.

Simply visit Events Listed and create your page today. Plus it’s free! Merry Christmas from Events Listed.

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