Kids Party Themes

Unicorn Birthday InvitationKids’ party themes can be anything from fun in the backyard to a Nickelodeon theme such as Dora the Explorer. Kids love variety and they love activity. They also love adventure. So when deciding which kids’ party theme you’ll go with, keep in mind you don’t want a party with any down time. Keep them busy, keep them happy.

With so much energy being put into the party itself, don’t waste your energy or time on traditional invitations in the mail when you can do that easily and free online. Go to kids party themes at the Events Listed and see for yourself.

Kids Party Themes for Girls #1

Paparazzi Party – let the girls be stars for a day. Let them dress up like Hollywood celebrities, and when they arrive have a few Paparazzi taking their pictures. During the party be sure they are asked for more pictures and autographs. Give some of the pictures to all of the girls later, with a few being cropped into a page made to look like a tabloid cover.

Kids Party Themes for Girls #2

A Day at the Spa – let the girls give each other makeovers, do each other’s hair, paint each other’s nails, give each other pedicures, and massage each other’s shoulders. While they are doing all of their spa treatments, you bring them fresh fruits, lemonade, and small snack cakes. Play music they will enjoy in the background, but not too loud so they can talk and laugh as well.

Kids Party Themes for Boys #1

Backyard Bug Out – give the boys some clear jars with lids with air holes, magnifying glasses, tweezers, gardening gloves, and safari hats. Let them find as many bugs as they can while they pretend to be on a safari hunt. Then they can bring them back in and identify what they are. Give them some Styrofoam to place their finds on and labels to go underneath.

Kids Party Themes for Boys #2

Dinos & Cavemen – let the boys dress us like cavemen. Set up the backyard to look like the Stone Age, complete with toy dinosaurs. Place things around for them find as if they were real cavemen, such as pretend flint rocks to make tool and toy animals for food. Watch out for the dinos!

Kids Party Themes for Both Girls and Boys

What Animal am I? – Upon arrival, whisper in each child’s ear what animal they are going to pretend to be for the party. Let them know there is one other child there that is the same animal as they are and they have to find each other. The kids have to ask each other questions to figure out what animals they are until they find their buddy. Then they get to take turns telling each other what animal they were and how they figured it out. This is a great socialization activity as well as a great ice breaker.
Once you decide what kids party theme you are going with, set your date, and post all of the information online. Send your invitations from here and keep track of your guest list. You can also share any changes to the party here as well.

Have fun!

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