Mens Titanium Rings- A Perfect Option For The Wedding Ring

Titanium is often associated with airplanes. The strong bodies of airplanes that fly 3200 feet in the air are made of alloys of titanium. It’s strength has been the main feature that won it the place in the aviation industry. In addition to its remarkable strength, titanium has a relatively low density compared to metals like iron. The low density permits it to be very light weighted and thence an ideal material for sleek structures like airplanes.

Tolerence for corrosion is its next best property Metals like iron, copper and aluminum all oppose with air over time. This corrosion makes the metals weak and as a result unable to fulfill its purpose. Titanium on the other hand is less at risk of corrosion. This property makes titanium the perfect metal for use in marine structures, like ships and submarines. Since titanium is an expensive metal, alloys of titanium are used to make ships and submarines. The alloy partner that merges with Titanium is of course dependant on the purpose for which titanium is used for.

But we are here to present the radical turn of titanium in another industry. An increasing number of jewelry shops now sell mens titanium rings. Although mainly worn by men, mens titanium rings are not limited to males. There are many types of titanium rings that are designed for the female taste. Mens titanium rings start at about $150 US and go up to very much higher prices for designer brands. Not just a fashion command, men and women are now using mens titanium rings as wedding bands. Yes!! They come with engravings and elegant designs especially for the purpose of wedding bands.

Colorfulness is a property that goes hand in hand with Titanium products. Titanium phosphide is a grey color while titanium oxide features a vibrant black color. Rings can be found in both colors. The black mens titanium rings appeal to people who like to stand out whereas the grey rings are less distinctive and have a similar appearance to silver or white gold. Titanium is also used together with gold and silver to mark in serious effects. While plain metals may be used to produce mens titanium rings with male styles, precious gemstones like expensive diamonds, rubies etc might be embedded into titanium princess cut engagement rings for women. Although a new trend, mens titanium rings are catching on fast and may create a whole new industry that uses the metal, besides the aircraft and marine industries.

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