Moissanite Engagement Rings – Affordable Alternative To Diamond Rings

When looking for a budget ring, out of many options, moissanite engagement rings can be a safer one. The gemstone is known for brilliance and fire that matches with the diamonds, while the gemstone is priced way lower and well within your budget. The stone is not only a substitute for diamonds but is also rated higher over other alternatives as well in many ways.

If you are thinking of purchasing an engagement rings within a low budget, they surely you must be looking for the alternates of diamonds, which are the most costly part of a ring. if so, then you can consider moissanite, which are lab-created minerals and appear as diamonds in looks. What is more, even the glitter matches with diamonds. You can also depend on moissanite engagement rings for its hardness and durability for many years.

Though moissanite was discovered more than one hundred years ago, its use in engagement rings started only in 1995, when jewelers began to use it as gemstone that can be a good substitute for diamonds.

One of the advantages of moissanite stone is that it is perfect substitute for the expensive diamonds. This means that instead of opting for cubic zirconia, a fake diamond that has less brilliance, you can safely purchase moissanite engagement rings for higher brilliance and fire at comparatively lower cost.

However, color of the gemstone may be a hindrance as it is usually slightly green or gray and do not expect it to be colorless in daylight. It is advisable to compare the colors of the stone under varied lights. Price of moissanite engagement rings is surely lower than diamonds rings but often goes higher than cubic zirconia.

Still, you can give preference to moissanite over other diamond substitutes. Most of the cubic zirconia are manufactured by machines and are not brilliant. A hand-cut cubic zirconia is more suitable substitutes for diamonds. However, the brilliance and fire is no where as compared to diamond and moissanite stones. Durability of cubic zirconia is also not know for its durability and is certainly less hard than moissanite. We can say that moissanite engagement rings are more durable to last long and this may be a good reason for purchasing the gemstone for the ring.

If you compare the gemstone with other diamond substitutes like glass, quartz and paste, we can easily say that they are very poor alternatives. Though man-made fancy-colored diamonds are also in the market but are very expensive than moissanite.

Remember also that moissanite is mineral and not a fake diamond. So, it can be said that the gemstone is as natural as any other stones like a pink sapphire. Clearly, you are buying a genuine gemstone and can present it to your bride-to-be in the form of moissanite engagement rings.

With the importance of the gemstone now being felt more than ever, the jewelers can be seen storing the stones for various jewelry items. if you are keen on experimenting on the stones and at the same time want to keep the budget in mind, then moissanite engagement rings can be a good option.

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