Money Saving Ideas For Bridal Showers

When planning a bridal shower, the expenses can add up pretty quickly.  In today’s blog post, we are going to share some money-saving tips that will help you throw a fun-filled bridal shower without going over budget.

Invitations and Thank You Cards

Greenery Bridal Shower Invitations

Sending customized invitations is a great way to let guests know about the bridal shower.  It’s even better if you can find matching thank you cards!

Free Printable Greenery Thank You Card

Download these free thank you cards to go with these invitations here

Free Printable Greenery Thank You Cards.

Affordable Venues

When looking for an affordable location to host the bridal shower, there are a few different options. 

  • Your Home - It’s cheaper and more comfortable than a public location.
  • Your Backyard - If you don’t have enough space inside your home, what about your backyard?
  • Someone Else’s Home - Maybe you know a friend or family member of the bride who would be willing to offer her home for the party.
  • Community Center - This is a good option if you know someone who lives in an apartment complex.
  • Park - Before settling on this option, make sure the weather is expected to be pleasant.

Cost-Effective Menu

You need a menu that won’t cost a fortune.  Rather than providing an entire meal, why not just serve appetizers or finger foods?  You can get away with this if you plan the shower between mealtimes. 

Another money-saving tip is to make the food yourself.  If that thought overwhelms you, ask each of the guests to bring a dish for the occasion. You should also choose someone to be in charge of bringing drinks.

You will need to purchase plates, napkins, cups, and eating utensils.   Use disposable plates and plastic utensils and cups. 

Money-Saving Decorations

Stick with simple decorations. Blowing up some balloons and placing a few photographs where guests can see them might be enough.  These photographs can make great conversation starters, helping to break the ice between the guests.

If you want a bit more decor, check your local party supply stores for sales.  You don’t need any extra decorations, but if there is enough room for them in the budget they are fun to have.

 You could also look around your home to see if you already own anything that would match the bridal shower theme and could be used as a decoration.  And don’t be shy about asking others to add a few decorations.  They might have the perfect items in their homes!

Greenery Bridal Shower Favors

Fun and Frugal Favors

Don’t let guests leave without showing them your appreciation.  Giving out favors doesn’t have to be an expense that exceeds the budget.

Personalized bridal shower candy bar wrappers are a great, cost-effective way to thank guests for their attendance.  Not only will they get to enjoy the chocolate, but they will also get to keep the bridal shower candy bar wrappers, which will help them remember the fun bridal shower you hosted.

 After learning these money-saving tips, you should now be aware that it is possible to throw a great bridal shower without spending too much.  By putting these ideas into practice, you will be able to stay in your budget when planning a bridal shower.

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