My Super Sweet 16 – MTV

Remember how important turning 16 was? It was a turning point for the majority of us. Finally we are able to drive and gain some independence. In older days we could now be married and have children! Instead, we throw our children a Sweet 16 party.

My Super Sweet 16, for those of you that are MTV challenged, is a reality television show that spotlights rich kids whose parents spare no expense in order to give their child the best Super Sweet 16 Party ever! These children make huge demands. They fly to Paris to get a special dress and have to have famous music artists perform. They tend to be rude, spoiled, rich kids that feel entitled to this rite of passage. However, they have shown a few children that are genuinely grateful to their parents for everything they are doing in order to give them the perfect party.

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Now that your angel is about to turn 16, the pressure is on. Your child has likely seen this television show and although she may be realistic that you cannot spend $100,000+ on her Sweet 16, she may expect something similar to what we expect to see at a wedding. She will likely still want to have a better party than all of her friends. We all know just how demanding, selfish, self-important, and manipulative teenagers can be. We were all one once and we knew everything then too. As a parent, it is now your choice.

Tell us how you feel about your child’s Super Sweet 16. Will you do everything in your power and spend your last dime to give your child the most memorable party of the year? Will you set limits? Is your child demanding a party that will rival those she sees on television? How are you going to celebrate your child’s Sweet 16?

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