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Personalized Chocolate Kisses for a Sweet Anniversary Celebration


Anniversary Kisses

The 10th anniversary of Fruitville Library was coming up and Peggy, one of the people in charge of the celebration, wanted to do something special in honor of it. She opted for something small yet unique; sweet and chocolaty.

So she contacted Announce It! and decided to order our adorably affordable Hershey Chocolate Kisses. On the bottom of the silver foil, she included a high glossy sticker with a personalized message. It read: “Fruitville Library Shines!”

These personalized Hershey Kisses were a hit at Peggy’s event. In fact, she emailed Announce It! in gratitude of our products’ contribution to her success.

She also emailed us pictures of the Chocolate Hershey’s Kisses:

Anniversary Favors


 Peggy had the right idea in choosing personalized Hershey Kisses to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the library. This is stated because business events can sometimes be “professionally stiff.” Having something as sweet as Hershey Kisses available can soften the mood of the anniversary; even produce a smile. Who doesn’t have fond memories of eating Hershey Kisses, especially during their childhood?

These sweet little morsels just get sweeter whenever they’re personalized with the right message. Peggy’s simple message is the perfect example. She clearly expressed how she feels about her local library. So next time you’re looking for a way to make your business event sweet and special, remember that personalized Hershey Kisses can do this very well.


Anniversary Stickers

 Thanks Peggy for letting us share with our readers!

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