Halloween Party Ideas Using Pirate Party Supplies

Halloween Pirate Party Ideas

There are various unique ideas to host a Halloween party for small children, this includes use of pirate party supplies site and items you already have in your possession. Have a great time with the decorations by using buckets to hold loot bags, old fashioned bowls to hold party favors, and foot lockers to hold other pirate party supplies and pirate costumes for kids. These parties can be handled in a variety of ways:

On the Halloween party invitation, demand that all the visitors dress in pirate costumes for kids.

On the Halloween party invitation, demand that each person bring some of what a pirate would wear. For example, this could include an eye patch and a pirate hat.

Pirate Party Ideas

Before making a selection about which type of party you’d like to host, have a discussion with your child (or children) about what they think are some nice party ideas. mix their ideas in with the options listed above,
and you’re sure to have a outstanding Halloween party.

Pirate Skeletonf you ever consider to use option one where all the visitors arrive in kids pirate costume, consider holding a costume match. Once you take all of your RSVPs, you’ll know exactly (or pretty close to) the number of visitors are deciding to show up. Using printer paper that looks like parchment paper
(it’s available at most office supply stores), create a separate certificate for each child. Write their name using fancy handwriting, and give each child their own winning certificate, that way no one feels neglected. You can get really resourceful with these certificate descriptions:

Many colorful (or vibrant) costume
Pirate costume with the most patches (or holes!)
Socks with the most stripes (or holes!)
Shiniest belt buckle (or hat buckle)
Largest hat (or most unique bandanna)
Most desirable face paint
Biggest mole (or longest hair on mole)
Funniest fake teeth

Pirate Halloween Party Ideas 

Once you consider to go with option number two, you’re going to need additional pirate party supplies. Plenty of party supply stores, as well as dollar stores and big box stores provide pirate party supplies and pirate costumes for kids. So, if you plan to pick up some more costumes if it fits within your party’s budget, this might be a fun idea for those who want to change and dress up. In addition, grab some paper pirate hats, plastic eye patches, and periscopes for the visitors to dress up with and play with. Even though you requested that each visitor carry something pirate related on the Halloween party invitation, see to it that you still pay for just enough for each guest if someone forgets.

Pirate Halloween Costumes

Don’t neglect to keep in mind to secure yourself a pirate costume, and to ask all your adult staff to dress up as pirates as well. The approach is to become a part of the party, instead of just someone in the background facilitating and clearing up. Be bothered about cleaning up later – think about having excitement now. There’s no getting around the facilitation routine, so why not do it in costume? You and your party staff might also have entertainment using pirate-like voices and accents to further add to the party’s dynamics. (And, you’re sure to get a lot of laughs!)

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