How to Plan a Bridal Shower While on a Budget

Everything is expensive these days. Food, housing, insurance – you name it, it’s costly. It just takes a lot of money to live. That’s why when you’re throwing a party such as a bridal shower, you’ve got to have a budget that will allow you to stay within your financial means.

Fortunately throwing a bridal shower for your best friend or relative doesn’t have to break your bank account. There are some ways to save money without throwing a bridal shower that’s tacky. Instead you can throw a tasteful bridal shower.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Cut out rental fees by hosting the bridal shower at your home. Just make sure you clean it up for the big party and find someplace for your family to go so they’ll be out of the way. If you live in an apartment, use the clubhouse. Simply check with your apartment rental manager for details.

If your home isn’t available altogether, consider hosting the bridal shower at a local community center. These normally rent for cheap, especially compared to a high-end restaurant. Contact your local government for renting information.

  • Send beautiful, custom invitations. Granted the word “custom’ normally means expensive, but not if you’re buying them from Announce It! Custom invitations are a perfect way to be expressive –the bride-to-be will love these invitations!
  • Skip the caterer and cook the food yourself. Appetizers are an excellent choice; plus they’re quick and easy to make. You can also choose a few party participants to help with the cooking.

Add a little extra sweetness to the bridal shower by presenting personalized wedding party favors to guests. Party favors such as chocolate coins, Hershey Kisses, coffee and tea, to name a few, are perfect for showing guests that you appreciate their presence and willingness to celebrate an upcoming joyous event. These personalized wedding party favors are also available at Announce It!

So, go ahead and plan your bridal shower on a budget. It can be tastefully done!

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