How to Plan a Graduation Party with the Right Foods

Graduation Whether your child is graduating from high school or college, they’ve made it through four long years. And now you’re ready to celebrate their success by planning a graduation party for him or her.
Planning a graduation party can be fun. However, in the midst of this fun, people tend to go overboard with the menu items. They have too much food at the party and as a result, tons of food is thrown away. Don’t let this happen at your child’s graduation party.


Instead follow these four simple steps in creating a menu for your child’s graduation party.

1) Keep the menu simple. Serve between five to seven different menu items.

2) Use your imagination. Just because it’s a party doesn’t mean you must hire a caterer to serve fancy food that most young people find distasteful. Since this is their party, consider their food preferences. For instance, most young people love pizza. Why not serve pizza from their favorite pizza parlor? If they’re health conscious, a salad bar would definitely be a perfect food selection.

3) Consider the time of day you’re planning to host the party. You can throw this party any time of day. Just make sure you serve the appropriate food for that time of day. For example, if you’re throwing it during the late morning hours, consider having brunch. You can serve pancakes, bacon, eggs, doughnuts, coffee, etc.

4) Choose your beverages wisely. Considering that people tend to celebrate heartily, it might not be wise to serve alcohol. You certainly don’t want anyone getting drunk and causing commotion on this jubilant day.

Graduation Party

Furthermore, if your graduate isn’t of legal drinking age, you definitely don’t want to encourage them to drink by having alcohol at their party. Serve non-alcoholic beverages instead. This would be iced tea, lemonade, sodas, and water. Did you know that you can add to the graduation party’s joyous mood with a bottle of water? This is done by using personalized graduation water bottle labels. Personalized graduation water bottle labels purchased from Announce It! are perfect for adding a special touch. Announce It’s graduation water bottle labels are:

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